Artist Statement

Why I Do What I Do

In this past year I have found myself being both lost and found. I like to think that comes along with starting a new journey, a whole new life, with nobody you know. I have always felt a connection to the street, and have always lusted over a big city with things happening all of the time. That connection grew tremendously this year as I came to realize you’re never alone when you’re on the streets. 

This was a big moment for me when I discovered this. I feared doing things alone before, and not having anybody else there for support, I always thought the worst would happen. Then I started getting out more, seeing things I had not noticed before, people with such unique looks. Now I make this series to showcase the sadness that came with how I had lost myself, of things not being okay, and wholehearted lonesomeness. I try to take my photos in accordance to how I feel, using things and people I find on the street that I feel represent what I have been feeling.

This work is quite personal for me, especially since I am one to try to avoid my inner feelings at all times, pretend they aren't there and that I will be okay. I want people to see this and know they aren't alone, it’s okay to feel things, it’s okay to not be okay. I want other people who feel they have nobody, who feel trapped in their mind, to just go wander for a while in a busy area. You may feel alone still, but i hope you come to realize you aren't the only one, and when you’re here you aren’t alone. I hope you see how I often feel rushed, and as if everyone else is moving forwards as I stay still. That is one of the reasons for my usual use of motion blur, because It’s easy to look into the future and think you have lots of time, but we really don’t, the world doesn’t wait and time moves by fast. To do what we love, to do what we want, now is our time.